Aer Lingus Flight Reservations

Aer Lingus Flight Reservations

With its headquarters in Dublin, Aer Lingus (EI) is Ireland’s flag carrier. The International Airlines Group (IAG) now owns the company entirely, although the Irish government founded it. Shannon, Belfast, and Cork are some of its target cities, and Dublin Airport serves as its primary hub. More than 52 aircraft are part of Aer Lingus’s fleet. With an Aer Lingus reservation, travellers can visit over 93 locations in over 21 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. 

There are two cabin configurations available on Aer Lingus: Business Class and Economy Class, with multiple options for seat upgrades. At the 2019 Irish Independent Travel Awards, Aer Lingus was selected as Ireland’s Favourite Airline for the third time and was awarded the Irish Tourism Industry Award for innovation and success. 2018 saw it take home the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award.

According to Skytrax, Aer Lingus was awarded a 4-Star rating for 2018. The companies Aer Lingus UK and Aer Lingus Regional are among its subsidiaries.

Aer Lingus Reservations Process

You can now easily book flights on Aer Lingus:

  • By phone 
  • Online through
  • With the mobile app (Android or iOS)

Booking Aer Lingus over the Phone

Booking via phone is the most convenient method for Aer Lingus flights. Dial + from any location around the globe (open 24/7) to speak with a travel advisor who will assist you in finding the best airfare. 

How to Use Aer Lingus Online to Book Flights

Aer Lingus Flight Reservations
Aer Lingus Flight Reservations

Use the official Aer Lingus booking website to purchase your ticket. 

  • Visit
  • For first-time visitors, choose your country from the popup and confirm (the Find Flights box will open by default).
  • Type in the details of your trip. 
  • Select the “Search Flights” option.

Observe the instructions to:

  • Select a fare type.
  • Put the passenger’s details in.
  • Select the extras (optional).
  • Special Support 
  • Include the address number. 
  • Use SMS to confirm your reservation (for USD 2)
  • Using the seat map, choose a location.
  • Invest in checked baggage.
  • Rent a vehicle
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Verify the reservation.
  • Get Paid

As soon as you make your payment, you will receive your e-ticket.

Booking Aer Lingus via a Mobile App 

Using your smartphone, you can book a flight using the Aer Lingus app. You must download the Aer Lingus app (available for iOS and Android) and create a free account. You are able to use the app after installing it and creating an account.

Check-In Information

There are three ways to check in with Aer Lingus: online, through their app, or at the airport, up to fifteen days before departure. It is advised to check in three and a half hours before your flight.

Online Check-In

You can check in online for free with Aer Lingus up to 48 hours before departure. This service covers group reservations and all fare types. In addition, the airline provides mobile check-in for travellers’ convenience. Airport check-in is also an option for those who use traditional approaches instead. 

Airport Check-In

Alternatively, passengers can board their flight and check on airport accounts:

On European flightsCheck-in areas open two hours before take-off and close 45 minutes before
flights from London AirportThe check-in counter opens between two and thirty minutes before departure
For flights to and from North AmericaCheck-in areas open 3.5 hours before departure and close 75 minutes before departure.

Cabin Classes

Aer Lingus offers three cabin classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business. Check out the services available for each of the cabin classes below:

Economy Class

Most aeroplane seats are standard seats. This is what you expect from an economy seating class. There’s another option for regular passengers: “seat choice,” which allows you to get off the plane first upon arrival, or “departure seats,” with adjacent rows in the emergency exit and provides plenty of legroom!

Economy Class Facilities

Complimentary meals are offered to economy passengers on all intercontinental flights. As an alternative, visitors can decide on the best restaurant, “Dine Up”, which includes a choice of red or white wine and Irish goodies. Just place your order online, then present your voucher when you board!

Premium Economy

With the arrival of Aer Lingus’ premium economy class, dubbed “Aerospace”, passengers will have more space and comfort on certain airlines. Everything a traveller expects.

High-end Economy Amenities

Premium Economy customers are offered priority flights, enhanced security, hotel access and all refreshments from the airline’s in-flight menu.

First-Class Economy Seats

The seats are arranged in a 3 x 3 configuration, with the middle seat left empty to accommodate each passenger on either side.

Business Class

Aer Lingus is committed to offering a stress-free flying experience to its Business Class customers. In addition to offering plenty of legroom and space, the airline offers its customers luxury dining on board.

Business Class Facilities

In the airline lounge, you can prepare for your flight away from the busy airport floor. Benefit from the complimentary drinks, snacks, and WiFi. Shower in the “Revival Lounge” to freshen up before your flight. Working with some of Ireland’s best chefs, the airline creates a fusion of modern and traditional Irish cuisine using only the freshest ingredients.

How Do Seats in Business Class Feel?

To ensure you arrive at your destination feeling rested and alert, Business Class seats fold completely flat into a 6.5-foot bed. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and settle in during your lengthy trip due to its 22-inch width.

First Class

First-class cabins on the airline are a must. The airline’s Business Class is its most luxurious cabin class, offering the best possible service.

In-flight Entertainment

Aer Lingus provides an amazing selection of blockbuster films and captivating TV series to keep you occupied during your intercontinental flight. Additionally, there is free in-flight WiFi and game play available.

Movies: There are more than 50 fantastic releases, so you’re sure to find a movie that you like. The films on your flight will keep you occupied for hours, ranging from heartwarming animated films to award-winning ones.

TV: For your entertainment on flights, Aer Lingus offers period dramas and episodes of your favourite addictive series.

Meal Options

Within Europe, economy passengers can purchase goods from the “Bia” menu. Both hot and cold options are available on this menu, including cakes, sandwiches, wraps, candy, and a traditional Irish breakfast.

Aer Lingus Flight Reservations

Transatlantic travellers are provided with a complimentary meal. Travellers arriving in Ireland are served a hot dinner and, on certain flights, a hot breakfast sandwich. Departing passengers receive a hot lunch and a delicious evening snack.

On intercontinental flights, customers can order extra meals from the Bia menu in advance or while on board.

Aer Lingus Reservations Number

Aer Lingus offers several phone numbers for various locations to help with bookings and other questions. They can be reached at (01) 761 7834 or +1-877-645-6550 if you’re in Ireland. 0333 004 5000 is the number for people in the UK and Northern Ireland. You can contact them at (516) 622-4222 or +1-877-645-6550 if you’re based in the US or UK. Additionally, general lines are available for Europe and the rest of the world at + 353 1 761 7834. 


Aer Lingus meets various customer needs with a simple and easy-to-use reservation process. Customers can select seats, make reservations, and efficiently manage their bookings using their online platform. Aer Lingus offers flexible flight options and competitive pricing with a vast network of destinations. To help with reservations and other questions, the airline also has a robust customer support system. Many travellers choose Aer Lingus because of their warm Irish hospitality and dedication to safety and punctuality. Aer Lingus offers a hassle-free reservation process and a comfortable trip for business or pleasure.


  1. Does Aer Lingus require reservations for seats?

If you decide against booking a specific seat in advance, they will assign one at check-in based on availability. If you’re travelling with kids in tow, they will try to get you and your travel companions seated together.

  1. Why is it that on Aer Lingus, I can’t select where I sit?

On, seat selection is not offered for flights run by our partner airlines. To select your seat, don’t hesitate to contact the partner airline directly if you are partially or fully travelling with them.

  1. How long does checking in with Aer Lingus before a flight take?

You can check in for free within 48 hours of your planned departure time, regardless of your fare. Within 48 hours of your planned departure time, you can check in online for reservations made through travel agencies, the Aer Lingus call centre, and groups or reservations involving infants.

  1. Should I reserve my seats in advance?

Which airline seats are the best? If you reserve your seat in advance, you’ll have more options! You will outperform everyone who chooses their seats during the online and airport check-in phases. If you don’t reserve your seat in advance, your preferred seat will likely be taken.

  1. Can I choose my seat without paying?

Reserving a seat in your service class requires payment of a seat selection fee. Although your seat is ensured when you purchase an airline ticket, most domestic carriers will charge you extra if you want to select your location. These add-ons are not brand-new.

  1. What is Aer Lingus’s bag size policy?

All carry-on bags can fit in the overhead area or under the seat in front of you. The size of an Aer Lingus carry-on bag varies based on the type of flight: It measures 18.5 x 13 x 8 inches (48 x 33 x 20 cm) for regional flights, including pockets, handles, and other accessories.

  1. Which nation owns Aer Lingus?

Ireland’s flag carrier is Aer Lingus. Initially established by the Irish government, it was fully acquired by International Airlines Group (IAG) in 2015 after being privatised between 2006 and 2015.

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