What Is Singapore Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

What Is Singapore Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

Want to know about Singapore Airlines cancellation policy? Singapore Airlines has some of the best rules for its customers. It is one of the best airline to fly with. They have made a refund policy after thinking about everything. All of the termination policies were changed to account for covid rules. Let’s read the information below to find out how airlines in Singapore handle cancellations.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Fees

Singapore Airlines has also set a fee for local and international flights that must be canceled. The procedures below will tell you how much it will cost you to cancel an international flight with Singapore Airlines:

Cancellation FeeClass
$200Premium Eonomy
$300Business Class
$300First Class

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Fee

If you want to cancel a Singapore Airlines ticket after 24 hours, you’ll have to pay a withdrawal fee of $100 to $500. If you cancel your Singapore Airlines trip less than 24 hours before it is supposed to leave, you must pay a cancellation fee of between $100 and $400. After you cancel your flight ticket, you can also request to cancel it.

To learn more about Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, call their cancellation line at +1-877-645-6550. They are always ready to help customers. Calling the helpline number +1877-645-6550 will also tell you how to stop your flight or request a refund.

Sometimes plans change, and you must cancel a Singapore Airlines flight you’ve been looking forward to for months. If you’ve ever had to cancel a Singapore Airlines flight, you know that the process can be expensive and hard to understand.

If you booked your flight with Singapore Airlines and need to cancel, you’re in the right place. You can find everything you need about Singapore Airlines’ refund policy and determine which rules apply.

What is the cancellation policy for Singapore Airlines?

You can easily stop an unplanned trip. But before you can cancel, you need to know the Singapore airline cancellation policy, which will help you cancel. The policy is explained in full below. Look at them.

People who want to cancel a flight ticket must do so 24 hours before the ticket is booked. After this, Singapore Airlines will give you your money back in full.

If a passenger stops a flight less than 24 hours before it is supposed to leave, they must pay the cancellation fee. Singapore Airlines will take the cancellation fee out of the passenger’s flight fare and then give them back the rest.

What is Singapore Airlines refund policy for the first 24 hours? 

According to Singapore Airlines’ 24-hour refund policy, you can cancel the flight for free if you do so within 24 hours of making the reservation. You can get a full return if you cancel your ticket during this risk-free time.

Singapore Airlines 24-hour cancellation  policy
Singapore Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy

But if you want to take advantage of 24 hours Singapore air cancellation policy, buy your ticket at least seven days before your trip. The 24-hour rule applies to all types of tickets, whether redeemable or not.

But if you miss the time, you can stop for free; you must pay a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee for Singapore Airlines varies on the type of fare, where the flight is going, and when the cancellation is made. Talk to the Singapore Airlines support team directly to find out how much the withdrawal fee is.

How to cancel a Singapore Airlines Flight?

Here are a few ways for Singapore Airlines flight cancellation

Method 1: Cancel your flight through the official site

  • Check out singaporeAir.com.
  • Click the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • You can cancel by using the booking reference or the e-ticket number.
  • Choose the flight you want to get out of.
  • Review your booking
  • Choose to cancel the ticket.
  • You can cancel your Singapore Airlines trip by clicking the “Submit” button.

Method 2: Call to cancel a Singapore flight

Calling the Singapore airline customer service number for 24 hour cancellation Some of you will be told what to do by the head of the airline. And when you ask to cancel, they all need certain information from you, like your name, ticket number, etc. After you cancel your flight, the airline will inform you via the email address and phone number you gave them. You can call +1877-645-6550 right away.

Method 3: Call the airport to cancel a Singapore Airlines flight

You can easily change or cancel the flight by going to the airport or the Singapore Airlines booking office. Give the person the information they need to cancel your flight.

When can I get off my flight with Singapore Airlines?

Consider when to cancel your flight ticket before considering the Singapore airline cancellation. Learn about the Singapore Airlines Refund Policy to determine how long it takes to get a full refund. Here is more information about the program.

You have 24 hours from booking your flight ticket to change or cancel it. It’s the only way to get your money back in full.

After this time, you have to pay the cancellation fee, which Singapore Airlines will take out of your flight fare.

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

  • Learn the Singapore Airlines refund policy if you need to change or cancel your trip.
  • To get a full return on a ticket you’ve canceled, you must do so within 24 hours of making the reservation.
  • Ensure you have booked your flight at least seven days before it leaves.
  • Cancel your reservation on the airline’s official website to get a full refund if you bought it straight from the airline and paid a refundable fare.
  • According to Singapore Airlines’ refund policy, the airline will only return the taxes if a passenger cancels a non-refundable ticket.
  • Cancel your reservation before a certain date to get a refund.
  • Since promo tickets are reduced, the airline keeps you from getting your money back.
  • Your refund amount varies depending on where you’re going, the class of your tickets, and how many days are left before your flight.
  • All passengers will get a refund on the debit or credit card they used to make their ticket.
  • These are the most crucial aspects of the airline’s refund policy.

How do I get Singapore Airlines to give me my money back?

  • If you get a refundable fare ticket from Singapore Airlines’ website, you can cancel your flights and get your money back.
  • If you have already canceled your flight reservation or want to do so, you must know how to get your money back. 
  • You can get a clear idea of how to get a refund on your flight from Singapore Airlines’ return policy.
  • Passengers can also change their flights easily with Singapore Airlines. 
  • And their stance on refunds will ensure you don’t have to spend any extra money. 
  • If a Singapore Airlines passenger cancels their ticket 24 hours before the flight is supposed to leave, they will get a full return on their refundable fare ticket.
  • But the airline will only return your taxes if you bought a ticket that can’t be changed.
  • The Airline will return these refunds to how you originally paid.
  • If you paid with a credit card, the money would be returned to that card.
  • Also, passengers can get a refund if they stop their flight within 24 hours of making the original reservation.
  • When this happens, the airline will give the customer a full refund for how they paid the first time.
  • But if it’s been more than 24 hours since you booked your flight, you can get travel credits after the penalty amount is removed.
  • The airline recommends changing your plans if you want to avoid cancelling your flight or asking for a refund.
  • Ticket services can change, and you can ask for a ticket change.

You can change your flight on the Singapore Schedule as needed, with or without a fee, depending on your fare type and how many days are left until your departure.

What Happened if Singapore Airlines Cancelled My Flight?

Singapore Airlines wants its customers to be okay with everything, so it ensures they get all the benefits.

  • Even if your Singapore Airlines flight were canceled, the airline would let you know in advance through Whatsapp, MobileApp push Notifications, or email.
  • If you don’t get any of these, you can change your information in the manage booking part of the airline’s site.
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about anything when the cancellation isn’t your choice.
  • If the airline ever stops your flight, you can rest easy knowing that you may get a refund for the part of your Singapore Airlines ticket you didn’t use.
  • Also, according to the cancellation policy of Singapore Airlines, the airline will first try to rebook your flight for you on the next trip to your destination.
  • And if you don’t want to, you can ask the Airline for your money back.
  • If you ask more, you can get bonuses or flight points.

If you purchased your flight with a travel agency or a partner airline of Singapore Air, you could contact them directly for assistance.


Singapore Airlines is a major international carrier, having won Skytrax’s “World’s Best Airline” award four times. The plane goes to 75 places in 32 other countries on five continents. The airline’s primary hub is Changi Airport in Singapore. If you bought your Singapore Airlines ticket directly from Singapore Airlines and paid a refundable fare, you can cancel it online and get your money back.

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