Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Can Southwest flights be cancelled? Yes. Among major airlines, Southwest Airlines has one of the most potent flight cancellation policy. 

If you don’t intend to travel again and only want your money back, you’re in luck. Southwest has long been known for its customer-friendly change and cancellation procedures. Other airlines’ openness toward flight changes has increased due to the epidemic, but Southwest’s cancellation policy remains among the most liberal. 

How to Cancel a Southwest Flight

  • After logging in, go to the top right and hit My Account.
  • All your upcoming flights will be listed in the centre of the next screen. Click Cancel flight after selecting the flight you want to cancel.
  • You can next confirm the flight cancellation and specify how you want your reimbursement. If your ticket was completely refundable, you can either seek a refund or keep it as airline credit for later use. If your ticket is not reimbursed, you may be eligible for a credit against future travel.
  • To cancel the flight, click the yellow Cancel Flight button at the bottom of the screen.

How to Check the Status of a Southwest Flight

Go to Southwest’s flight status website and input your departure and arrival airports, as well as your travel date, to find out the status of your trip. Any changes to your flight will be shown immediately.

Southwest flight Status

Where can I get Southwest’s on-time performance?

By selecting flights with higher on-time performance and low cancellation rates, you will also have a greater chance of avoiding delays and cancellations. This information is available for Southwest flights before purchasing a ticket.

When booking your tickets, click on the flight number in the search results to view a flight’s previous performance. The pop-up window displays the frequency with which the flight arrives on time, is more than 30 minutes late, or is cancelled. It also shows the flight’s average delay time.

What Should You Do if your Southwest Flight is Cancelled?

When your Southwest flight is cancelled, you must act swiftly to minimize the interruption to your travel arrangements. To save your trip, follow the instructions below:

Understand your refund rights

Although airlines cannot ensure their schedules, the United States Department of Transportation has a “bill of rights” that carriers must observe. Most airlines will rebook you on the next available flight if your flight is cancelled. The next flight, however, could be many days later. In such a situation, ask the airline whether you could be rebooked on another flight.

Try to arrange another flight as soon as possible

If you’re in the middle of a trip and your flight is cancelled, one option is to book another flight quickly. Airlines allow customers to cancel tickets without penalty for 24 hours, allowing you to schedule another flight as a backup plan. You can cancel this reservation if Southwest can accommodate you on another flight.

Contact a gate agent or customer assistance

Whenever your Southwest flight is cancelled, the sooner you speak with a gate agent or customer care representative, the greater your chances of getting rebooked on another flight are. While waiting to talk with an agent, try contacting customer service. You never know which one is going to start up a conversation with you initially.

Make other sleeping arrangements

If your flight is cancelled, you could be compelled to stay in the departure city for a more extended period than expected. Airlines are not compelled to give passengers a hotel stay, meal coupons, or other non-airline compensation. Each airline has its policy about what happens to customers whose flights have been cancelled.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Southwest Cancellation Policy

Customers can change their plans for free up until the point of departure under Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of making it and your seat is still available, you will receive a full refund less a $75 processing fee. If another person takes your place, you will get a full refund less a $150 cancellation fee.

Southwest 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, a traveler may cancel their flight for a number of reasons. According to Southwest’s 24-hour cancellation policy, customers may cancel a ticket using any means within 24 hours after making the reservation. You may apply the funds to cover your original payment method or your trip costs.

The Southwest Cancellation Return Policy states that a passenger only gets a refund if they cancel their ticket within 24 hours of purchasing, as opposed to a day later. A ticket bought with a LUV coupon in addition to a Southwest Gift Card may be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Such tickets can only be canceled by giving Southwest Customer Service a call. 

How to Rebook or Change Your Southwest Airlines Flight

Southwest Airlines flight change policy is straightforward: there are no fees if you need to modify your travel ticket. You can change your ticket as many times as you like, but if the new flight is more expensive than the original, you must pay the difference. This is pricey if you plan a last-minute flight.

To change your Southwest flight, call the reservations department or look for your ticket online or on the app using the confirmation number and passenger information.

Southwest’s Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines has a straightforward cancellation policy: You can cancel your ticket at any time, free of charge, up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.

If you used Rapid Rewards points to buy your flight, the points will be refunded to your rewards account.

For cash purchases, your payment will be refunded to the original payment method, or it may be converted into Southwest travel funds, depending on the fare type you initially bought.

Even if your reservation is labeled as non-refundable, you have the option to cancel within 24 hours of booking and receive a refund in the original payment method or choose to convert it into travel funds.

In cases where you receive Southwest travel funds due to canceling a Southwest Airlines journey, it’s essential to be aware of specific limitations on how you can use your credit. Travel funds for “Wanna Get Away” Fares can only be utilized by the original passenger with the confirmation number and name matching the original booking; they are non-transferable. Conversely, “Want to Get Away Plus,” “Business Select,” and “Anytime” fares can be transferred to another Rapid Rewards user.

Refund Policy of Southwest Airlines

Travelers can receive a refund under certain conditions through Southwest Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy. In order to receive a refund, travellers need to fulfill the following requirements.

With Southwest Airlines, there are no cancellation costs. Tickets for “Anytime” and “Business Select” are refundable and reusable, but tickets for “Wanna Get Away” are not refundable but still valid.

  • Any portion of the ticket that is not used will be repaid in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ refund policy.
  • Any leftover funds will be put toward future travel costs and can be used for a maximum of 12 months after the date of issuance.
  • The refunded ticket money will be returned back to the original payment method in the event that Southwest cancels a flight.

In the event that Southwest cancels a flight less than 24 hours prior to takeoff, non-refundable tickets will be refunded. In these situations, tickets need to be canceled 24 hours after purchase. Refunds could be applied to future travel expenses or given back at the original point of payment.

Other Options For Obtaining Money From a Cancelled Flight

  • Credit card benefits

Whenever you use a travel credit card to purchase a ticket, many of them provide a trip cancellation policy. These benefits pay you if your Southwest flight is cancelled or your journey is hindered by weather, illness, or other covered situations. You won’t lose money on prepaid and non-refundable trip expenditures, including excursions, hotels, and passenger fares.

Trip delay compensation covers you if your trip is delayed for more than a certain number of hours or if you need an overnight stay. The policy is excellent if your flight is cancelled, but the airline can rebook you on an alternative date. It covers expenditures such as food and housing that you spend due to the delay.

  • Travel insurance benefits

While some credit cards provide travel benefits, they are usually less extensive than getting a travel insurance policy. These insurance policies could ensure a single trip or all travels within a specific time frame. Most travel insurance firms provide a range of policies and coverage levels to accommodate every traveller’s budget.

In addition to trip cancellation and delay coverage, many travel insurance policies cover emergency medical care and transportation, luggage loss or damage, and pandemic diseases.

How Can I Get in Touch With a Live Agent at Southwest Airlines About a Cancelled Flight?

Southwest Airlines Customer service

Method 1: Speak with a live Southwest agent

Call +1-877-645-6550 to talk with a Southwest representative in person. If you are unable to get in touch with them quickly, call +1-877-645-6550. This is a different phone number for Southwest Airlines cancellations that is always available to assist customers. 

Method 2: Send an email to the live agent

It’s useful that Southwest’s flight cancellation policy also offers an email customer assistance alternative. Visit the official Southwest website > Contact Us > to get started. Click “Send Us an Email” after navigating to the “Email Us” section. Choose the option that best suits your situation and then wait to see how they respond. 


Southwest Airlines does many things correctly, including offering an expansive cancellation policy. Based on the price type, you can get a full refund to your original payment method or travel money to spend on a future Southwest journey.

Southwest points are simple to get and apply for, and flights bought using Rapid Rewards points are 100% refundable! Save the confirmation number from the flight you must cancel available since you need it to access your flight credits.


Can I cancel a Southwest flight over the phone?

Yes. Call the Southwest Airlines customer support call to cancel your ticket. The person will guide you through the procedure and answer any questions you have about Southwest Airlines cancellations.

After check in, is it possible to cancel my Southwest flight?

By contacting the Southwest Airlines cancellation phone number, you can cancel your Southwest Airlines ticket. You will receive assistance from the Southwest agent during the cancelation process.

What should you do if Southwest flights are cancelled today?

Prior to booking, go over the Southwest Airlines Refund and Cancellation Policy. For prompt assistance in the event that your Southwest Airlines flight is canceled, contact an official agent at +1-877-645-6550.

Are Southwest’s 24-hour cancellation policies applied to all fares?

Yes, all fares are governed by Southwest’s 24-hour cancellation policy. All you have to do is make sure your flight leaves within 24 hours of the purchase date.

What should we do if we receive a Southwest Airlines flight cancellation letter today?

If severe weather or unexpected occurrences cause the cancellation of your Southwest flight, you have immediate action to take. Call +1-877-645-6550 for help right away or for more information about Southwest’s weather cancellation policy.

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